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Tokai University Institute of Medical Sciences: A Study of NVIS for Communication in Emergency and Disaster Medicine

NVIS Army Field Manual 24-18: Near Vertical Incident Sky–wave (NVIS) Propagation

Radioamatore IS0VSU Franco Bachetti: La propagazione NVIS e la Protezione Civile in Sardegna

Radioamatore N6VNG Dr. Carl O. Jelinek: Near Vertical Incident Scattering Antenna

Radioamatore KV5R Harold D Melton: NVIS Antennas and Propagation

Radioamatore N6BV  R. Dean Straw:   What’s the Deal About “NVIS”?  December 2005 QST © ARRL(pdf  10 Mb)           

Radioamatore W3IZ  Norm Fusaro: Near Vertical Incident Skywave - presentazione PowerPoint  (7 Mb)      

Barker & Williamson  HF ManPack Antenna Setup for Military - YouTube video 

Skyrider™ ST-940B Mobile HF NVIS Magnetic Loop Antenna  (interessante)

Radioamatore EA4FSI - NVIS communication in HF band